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SoftStall Therapeutic Stall System for horses
  • Reduce bedding
  • Non-slip, firm but comfortable surface
  • Impermeable, easy to clean or disinfect
  • Eliminates hock sores, invites horse to lay down more often
  • Insulating against damp, cold ground
  • No more stall base maintenance

Introducing the New SoftStall Advantage

  • Flat technology
  • Lighter and easier to install
  • Same benefits as the regular SoftStall™ System

SoftStep Safe Non-Slip Rubber Flooring for Aisles and Walkways

  • Looks like interlocking stone
  • manufactured from recycled rubber tires
  • ideal for all barn entrances, aisle-ways, wash & tack stalls, path-ways and horse exercisers
  • a cost effective alternative to concrete or asphalt
  • perfect for both new barn and retrofit construction
  • non-slip surface even when wet, easy to sweep
  • Insulating against cold and dampness
  • Flexi-grid for paddocks and grass walkways

SoftWallT Anti-Kicking Protection System

  • Anti-concussion system from head to hoof
  • Attach on to existing stall walls
  • Lightweight yet superior protection for horses joints
  • Also Ideal for recovery stalls at vet clinics
  • Protect your investment and prevent early joint deterioration

SoftStall for Zoo animals

  • Non-slip, firm but comfortable surface
  • Impermeable, easy to clean or disinfect
  • Prevents sores on elbows, and knees, keeps animal comfortable
  • Insulating against damp, cold ground or concrete
  • Ideal for Rhino’s hippos, tapir, gaurs, camels, etc
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