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Pets, Horses and Cattle
  • Patented nozzle deep cleans from the skin up
  • Reduces skin conditions
  • Removes stains, dirt, shedding hair and odours
  • Bathe in colder temperatures with no ice forming on the ground in colder climates
  • Removes 80% of the water off of the animal
  • Mess free bathing anywhere and groomer stays dry
  • Huge reduction in water use
  • Clean your floors and carpets too!
EcoWash-N-Vac (2 gallon)

  • Cleans one average sized horse per filling
  • Portable for taking to shows / competitions
  • Compact design fits anywhere
  • Tremendous water savings
  • 12 foot long hose for easy reach
ProHeat (13 gallon)

  • Cleans approx. 4-6 average sized horses per filling
  • Portable for taking to shows
  • In-line water heater heats water as it is used
  • Easy drain system makes emptying dirty water a snap
  • 20 foot hose for extended reach
  • Separately controlled twin vacuum motors for superior suction
Olympic Central Built-In System

  • Ties directly into the stables water and drain
  • Never has to be filled or emptied
  • Runs virtually silently
  • Put outlets throughout your stable - simply reach for a hose when you want to clean a horse (up to 80ft either side of the Central Unit)
  • Also functions as a dry vacuum


  • Pre and post surgery cleaning of the animal
  • Clean floors, pens and tables, not more mops, ensures you are effectively removing the dirt and germs, not just pushing them around
  • No washtub required
  • Use with the patented technology disinfectant Accel® on hard surfaces for superior infection and disinfecting control
  • Quick and effective cleaning and sanitizing, no rinsing required


Compact Airless Foamer

Designed as a medium flow foamer, the Model 25 Compact Airless Foamer produces copious amounts of rich, wet foam and optimizes chemical effectiveness - less water than competing molded, imported models, less chemical, less waste. Highly effective even with minimal water pressure - as low as 20 PSI.




For more information on Veterinary uses for the Anivac system with Pure Oxygen™ and Accel® disinfectant, please click here