The founder and President of Greenwalk Solutions Inc., Laurie Aditajs, has been a professional involved in the equine industry for over 30 years. Laurie has competed in International events in the discipline of 3-day eventing, Hunter/Jumper, and has trained students competing at the National level. Managing a successful breeding program and marketing young prospects to the international market from her farm in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada, equestrian sport has always been one of her passions.

Laurie's wealth of experience in this industry has enabled her to discover many unique and earth-friendly products that are both green and effective. With this, Laurie formed GreenWalk Solutions Inc. to market her select line of environmentally safe and sustainable products to the agricultural and commercial markets. These include synthetic grass for gardens and golf courses, SoftStall stall flooring for horse stalls and zoos, sidewalks made with recycled plastics and recycled rubber and multi-access paths for various applications.

Throughout this website you will discover the best in quality and standards available within their respective market sectors. From residential to commercial to agricultural establishments, each eco-friendly solution serves wonderful benefits that provide healthier alternatives and meaningful ways to help shape a healthier planet.

If you’re seeking to fill grounds with grass that does not require expensive maintenance or waste water, our synthetic grass options provide just same realistic appearance and performance without the costly upkeep. SoftStall stall flooring in horse stalls and zoo animal pens create a comfortable and cleaner environment with non-slip floors, insulation, and easy to clean surfaces. For patios, porches, sidewalks, and other open areas, our eco-friendly walkways provide a lasting and eco-friendly surfaces that aid in storm water management, low impact development, and modular features – all built from recycled materials.

Matching the company’s passion for the environment, every product we offer is sourced from renewable materials, brought together to create durable and versatile results. It is this quality, coupled with the multiple benefits each of these products posses that make them an ideal solution for the applications they were created for.

An Excellent Provider of Horse and Zoo SoftStall Flooring, Synthetic Grass, Recycled Sidewalks and Walkways for Parks and Eco-Friendly Products in Canada and the United States.